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Nail Infection

Smartmeds clinic Curanail
Loceryl is an effective antifungal nail lacquer used specifically to treat fungal infections in nails.

Nail Infection Treatment Table


Active Ingredient/s


Available Strengths



Apply once weekly

Side effects

Nail discoloration and brittleness

What is a nail infection?

Fungal nail infections are common. They're not serious but they can take a long time to treat. Before initiating treatment, always check first if it is a fungal nail infection.

Fungal nail infections usually affect your toenails but you can get them on your fingernails too. The condition usually starts at the edge of the nail and often spread into the middle. The nail becomes discolored and lifts off. If left untreated, the affected nail can become brittle and pieces can break off. It can cause pain and swell in the skin around the nail.

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If you are diabetic, you must see a foot specialist because any foot injury can lead to medical complications.

How does the treatment work?

At SmartMeds Clinic, we offer Curanail for people with infected nails. You need to initiate treatment as soon as possible to obtain the best results.

Curanail contains the active ingredient Amorolfine Hydrochloride which is an antifungal used to treat fungal infections in the nails. It works by destroying the structure of the fungi cells which stops the overgrowth on the nails.

The treatment does not restore the infected nail. Instead, it promotes a new and healthy growth by eliminating the fungal infection. Therefore treatment can take unto 9 months until the new nail has fully grown out. Treatment should be reviewed every 3 months to ensure there is an improvement in symptoms. If there is no improvement, then you must contact your GP.

Curanail is a once a week treatment. The surface of the affected nail must be filed down as much as possible using the file provided in the box. Then use the swab provided to clean the nail to remove any grease. Apply the lacquer to the entire surface of the nail. Do not wipe any excess lacquer on the side of the bottle. Leave this to dry naturally and clean the spatula with the swab provided.

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