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Leading a hectic can make it difficult to make time for acquiring medicines from your GP and pharmacy. The SmartMeds Clinic aims to fill this void by offering a complete pharmacy solution that is affordable and reliable. Here, you can access prescription medication have it delivered to your home or workplace.

The smarter way to a healthier you

The Team

Sarah Khalil
Sarah Khalil

Superintendent Pharmacist

Sarah is the Superintendent Pharmacist at SmartMeds Clinic. She will manage your orders, rectify medication queries and ensure the services offered to comply with legal and professional standards.

Sarah obtained her pharmacy degree from Kings College London and furthered her qualifications as an independent prescriber from The University Of Hertfordshire.

Aqib Khalil
Aqib Khalil

Chief Operating Officer

Aqib is responsible for the daily runnings of the company and works closely with the website developers to ensure that the services being offered to you are of the highest quality.

Aqib obtained a degree in Pharmacy from The University College of London

At SmartMeds Clinic, we specialize in online consultation and treatment. We understand patients find it difficult making time for a doctor’s appointment and provide a solution. You can complete an online medical questionnaire from home, work or on the go and if treatment is suitable, can be prescribed by our prescribing pharmacist.

The steps are simple. Select the therapy you would like to purchase. Complete an online medical questionnaire and make payment. Our prescribing pharmacist will check you can safely take your chosen medicine and will arrange for your medicines to be delivered. A private prescription can then be issued, which will allow the SmartMeds Pharmacy team to dispense your medicine and arrange a delivery of your choice.

Be confident in our integrity

Details will remain confidential & packaging is discrete so you can rest assured knowing we place a great importance on personal information.  We offer a suite of UK sourced treatments for conditions you would normally need to see your GP. Goodbye ever increasing waiting times and greetings to click and drop medication.

We are fully regulated

The SmartMeds Clinic is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

SmartMeds Clinic Registered Pharmacy
GPhC number 9010905

SmartMeds Superintendent Pharmacist
Sarah Khalil - GPhC number 2070782

So, take your steps to a smarter, healthier you. Visit The SmartMeds Clinic

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Supplement your lifestyle by visiting The SmartHealth Store. We offer a range of products both medicinal and organic that are sourced from reputable brands, including Back2Natural, Forever Living and Cocofina. The SmartHealth Store is open all day and every day, whether you are product browsing or ready to make a purchase.

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SmartMeds Clinic is part of the SmartMeds Wholesale Limited group
SmartMeds | A smarter, healthier you
Superintendent Pharmacist GPhC Reg:
Sarah Khalil  2070782
Premesis GPhC Reg Number
SmartMeds Clinic   9010905
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SmartMeds Clinic is the ultimate merger of technology and healthcare to make your life better.

Fully Regulated UK Pharmacy service Order Online today with no appointment Genuine branded prescription medication Competitive prices FREE delivery on UK orders over £40 Discrete & confidential

SmartMeds Clinic
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
UK Registered & Regulated
Superintendent Pharmacist GPhC Reg:
Sarah Khalil - 2070782
Premises GPhC Reg:
SmartMeds Clinic - 9010905
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Registered with UKCS
Copyright © 2018 Smartmeds Clinic. All rights reserved
This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service: Registration No: 284709387
Registered with UKCS
Copyright © 2018 Smartmeds Clinic. All rights reserved
This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service: Registration No: 284709387